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re: Basic rules and objectives (short version)

by tevez » Tue Feb 24, 2009 10:07 pm

Basic Rules and objectives:

Main objective:
1.- PVE progression: Clean all the pve content. And get all members with raids equip.

Mandatory things:
1.- Addons: Omen, Guild calendar, DBM, vent
2.- Forum: You need a user in forums. At this way you can read and repply important info in forums.
3.- If you do not have forum user, do not use GC or do not have DBM or omen, you will get warnings, and if after a couple warnings you do not change it, you maybe will b gkicked. Why that? Because if we are a PVE guild we need you meeting the minimum requeriments (mandatory things) we have.

Basic rules (short version):
1.- Language in channels: We have kids and we do not allow insults and bad words.
2.- Signup in raids using GC: You need to signup in raids even if you are not going to the raid.
3.- Loot: We use SKG (see thread explaining it). When we down a boss, we need raid chat clear. Do not link metters and follow Loot master instructions.
4.- Gear boosts: You need all gear with enchants and gems. If not you maybe will lose the spot in the raid. It is up to the raid leader.
5.- Spec and rotation: We need you in the best PVE spec and rotation for your class. If you arent maybe the raid leader can change your spot.
6.- Main vs alt: Main have priority over alts. Alts only will count as main if it is required by the raid leader (example: If you have a healer but the raid leader need your alt dps you have the same posibilities over loot than a main).
7.- Raid times: Be at the raids door at scheduled time, if u can be ready 10 min early better, if not the raid leader may consider to change you". You can allways tell us about you getting late, and maybe (just maybe) the raid leader can wait for you if needed and the raid leader consider it is good for the group.
8.- Outsiders: If we cant fill all the raid spots with guildies (becase we do not have enough or because someone do not meet the requirements) we will fill positions with outsiders. With outsiders on the group we will roll for main with outsiders, and if a guildie win we will use SKG system. If an outsider win he will get the item.
9.- members: If they do not have the correct gear to be in a raid, we maybe will not include them in the raid. They will need to work in gear over heroics. It is up to the raid leader.
10.- Officers: If you have questions or problems with an officers, remember we have more than one, you can allways chat with another one in order to get a second opinion.
11.- Members: If you got a problem with a member, and you cant resolve it with him, please contact a officer.
12.- Recruit: In order to recruit, we use the recruit category in forum, then if you know some one who want join us, he need make a user in forum, make a new thread and wait for officer approval.
13.- priority (guild over you): Remember, if guild progress or guild get gear we progress, you progress. Then, do not get mad if another one get gear, do not get mad if for a correct reason you arent in a raid. And if you have questions about, ask a officer.
14.- Raid leaders: Raid leaders do allways the best for guild. In order to do that, maybe need choose who will be on raid and who wont. They will give you and explanation about why you arent on raid, if not, ask him or another officer.
15.- Offspect (loot): If no one need a loot for offspec, then we will roll for offspec. Get a loot for offspec will not suicide you from SKG.

Bank rules and use:
Please do not deposit pre wrath/low level items in gbank

Other things:
1.- Help guildies in heroics.
2.- Get things from bank only if you really need it, and help with the bank, remember we use the bank for raid things. Then, if you can drop potions, drop it in there, then if you need a gem, you can get a gem. I means, we need to keep a balance there, with your help, we can help you.
3.- Go to to audit your gear. Post updates on forum under gear audit category.
4.- Go to to check your dps and rotations.
5.- Check forum often, to learn bosses, help guildies and other things.

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