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re: Guild Loot System - WotLK - Suicide Kings

by Membrana » Tue Feb 24, 2009 11:19 pm

I want to make this topin under the guild rules forum.
WotLK Loot System: SKG

Hello Guildies
Hello guildies!

I want to explain in a simple way our current loot system which is SKG (Suicide Kings Geo).

This system is basically a list or a set of lists and every player has a position in that list.
We currently have separate lists for 10-man raids and 25 man raids.

SKG works like this.
A loot drops from a boss and the Loot Master will link the item in the raid channel and the player who wants that item and its in the first position of the list (among all the players that want the loot ) can bid for that item.
Once he gets the items his position will drop to the bottom, that’s called suicide.
If the player pass the item the next in the list may choose to get it or pass it.
Players that are not in that current raid maintain the relative position in the list.
This way everyone has an item, one by one.
There are some cases when a player suicides for an item and then another item drops that only that player can use and well…hes lucky!! Hehe

There are some things to consider.
We will not let ppl farm for position in the list, passing loot all the time cause they want an specific item.
If he passes a lot and there are other players that need the item its Ok but the item will not go to DE or offset if its an upgrade for him. That item will go to him and he will go down in the list.
Offset items will not drop the position of a player in the list.
There are some times that an item for his main set may be considered offset cause its not a upgrade but it has a different stat like Stamina (E.g.), so that item will be considered offset and the player will remain in the same position.
Please link the current set piece you want to change in raid channel.

This system rewards everyone, its simple to manage and quicker to loot and continue during a raid.

Another consideration.
Its up to anyone to pass an item to upgrade another guildie even if u are in the first position to take it.

More info about SKG:

For any questions I will open a discussion thread in this same subforum.


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